Take our career readiness assessment

Have you been thinking about making a significant career or job change? Don’t do it at the expense of your personal finances. Take our 2-minute quiz today to find out if you’re prepared to make your change and determine your next steps.

Question #1

Do you have a clear vision for your career transition?

Question #2

Is your family and inner circle aware and ready to support your vision?

Question #3

Have you named the challenges and practical steps it will take to achieve your career transition?

Question #4

Do you have a short-term cash-flow plan in place to support your career transition?

Question #5

Have you assessed how this career transition impacts your long-term savings plan?

Question #6

Do you understand the financial impacts of best and worst-case scenarios?

Question #7

Do you have a researched plan to replace the employer benefits you may be losing?

Question #8

Have you evaluated the unique financial strategies that your career transition provides such as Roth conversions, Capital gains, and 401K NUA?

Question #9

Do you have an active tax-strategy built into your career transition?

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